Refresh Your Javascript


After long stretches focused on developing software, it's easy to forget some of the fundamental concepts of the languages we use. However, having a firm grasp on those concepts is key to creating quality software.

Javascript, because of its complex, nuanced and inconsistent nature, has its share of concepts that become fuzzy over time. To maintain a solid understanding of JS, I find it necessary to refresh my Javascript knowledge every 3-4 months.

Below is a guide for refamiliarizing yourself with JS, and, perhaps, taking your knowledge of the language to the next level.

MDN: A re-introduction to JavaScript (JS tutorial)

This a nice summary for experienced JS folks who want to re-solidify their knowledge of the language basics. It does not cover ES6+ very well, however. (I'll add more on ES6 later in this guide.)

In addition, here is a summary of the above article for later reference.

Babel - Learn ES2015

From the makers of the famous transpiler, this guide covers the most used features of ES6/2015 - All the ES versions

This site's domain name makes it seem like clickbait :) However, this is a nice summary of all the cutting-edge features. Just make sure you can use them with the browsers you are targetting (or verify the right polyfills and/or transpilers)

Deep Dive: You Don't Know JS Book Series

This excellent book series covers all you'll ever want to know (and then some) about Javascript. The focus is primarily on plain vanilla JS and not web development. Therefore, this is a solid guide for both writing JS for the browser or the server (ie Node).

The Source: MDN Web Docs - Javascript

Ultimately, most books, online videos (like Udemy), or bootcamps (like Galvanize) form their material from this source. I highly suggest reviewing everything here from time to time.