AWS Prototype

Cyberlancers needed a prototype to demonstrate cutting-edge web, cloud & AI technologies to prospective clients...

The prototype had the following requirements:
1) Score high on Google Lighthouse for Performance, Progressive Web App and Best Practices.
2) Implement AWS Serverless technologies to provide RESTful microservices and data storage in the cloud.
3) Provide basic functionality when the user is offline.
4) Incorporate and AI Services, such as IBM Watson to enrich common data.

Since Ronin had a solid foundation in the development of web applications, microservices, and cloud-based solutions, Cyberlancers hired us to build this prototype. The result was a fully functional prototype that satisfied all of the requirements above. During our development journey, we also picked up some exciting new skills related to IBM Watson and AI in general.

Cyberlancers now demos the app for many of its existing and prospective clients. These demos have served to spark significant interest in the possibilities offered by AI, cloud and modern web technologies in general.

Major Features

  • Custom Web/Software Development

    • Designed and implemented an architecture for autonomous, cloud-based microservices that scale infinitely, using AWS technologies such as Cloudfront, API Gateway, Lambda, Simple Notification & Queue Services, Dynamo DB and Cloudwatch.
    • Developed a performant, cloud-scale web application that consumed these microservices and provided cutting-edge capabilities such as offline support a rich user experience.
  • Technology Training

    • Trained Cyberlancers on best practices related to cloud computing and web development techniques such as Progressive Web and Single Page App.
    • Helped with sales engineering efforts by providing live demonstrations of the app's capabilities

Technical Info

Test-Driven DevelopmentAgileJavascript (React)Responsive (Mobile-First) DesignSASS (Bootstrap 4)WebPackRESTNode.jsSingle Page App (SPA)NPMAWS CloudfrontAWS API GatewayAWS LambdaAWS Simple Notification ServiceAWS Queue ServiceAWS DynamoDBAWS CloudwatchServerless FrameworkServer-Side Rendering (Next.js)Deployment Automation