ITriage Web App

ITriage created a hugely successful mobile app, now they needed a web presence...

ITriage created a health care app for symptom checking that achieved more than 15 million downloads. Now, the company wanted to expand its reach by providing the same offering on the web. This web app would need to provide a user experience comparable to mobile, while also serving content optimized for search engines.

Ronin was brought on to help architect and develop the web app, as well as to mentor ITriage engineers in development best practices. We established a comprehensive architecture, made important technical decisions, helped the developers gain the necessary web skills and wrote lots of code ourselves.

Aetna has since acquired ITriage, and, after a subsequent shift in strategy, the web app never made its live debut. However, Aetna took notice of our solid work and adopted many of the patterns and principals we put forth during our time on the project.

Major Features

  • Web Development Training & Mentoring

    • Established a learning plan for web design and development, complete with a syllabus of online and custom materials.
    • Established and documented best practices for software development specific to ITriage.
    • Assisted in paired coding sessions and code/design reviews in order to ensure adoption of the best practices
  • Custom Web/Software Development

    • Designed and implemented an architecture that satisfied requirements for extensibility, maintainability, simplicity and performance.
    • Created a library of reusable components for use my multiple apps, following atomic design principles.
    • Worked with the server team to help smooth out the process for concurrent development of backend microservices and the UI
    • Developed a significant portion of the features for the web app, including many for cutting-edge interactive maps.
    • Architected and developed a solution for Search Engine Optimization
  • Web/Mobile R&D

    • Created a mobile application prototype with React Native to evaluate alternatives to maintaining separate codebases for the native mobile app
    • Made research-based recommendations to leadership on which technologies to adopt.

Technical Info

Test-Driven DevelopmentAgileJavascript (React and Angular.js)React NativeResponsive (Mobile-First) DesignSASS (Foundation)WebPackRESTDeployment AutomationNode.jsExpress.jsSingle Page App (SPA)NPMDockerAWSContainerization (Docker)