Request Portal

Medtronic wanted a system to manage issues and requests for customers using their medical equipment...

The system would have two primary goals:
1) Aid technical support engineers, who were previously relying on manual workflows, to process their work faster.
2) Provide more visibility for customers and managers into the state of the pending requests & issues.

Ronin and Cyberlancers partnered together for this project. Cyberlancers provided a small team of developers, while Ronin led the team and pitched in with the code as well.

Hundreds of customers and engineers are now using this web application. They like it so much that they keep asking for new features :)

Major Features

  • CMS Implementation (Sitefinity)

    • Set up the CMS to handle some baseline functionality such as the management of users and product marketing pages.
    • Maintained the CMS with frequent updates and patches.
  • Custom Web/Software Development

    • Developed a number of highly functional UI screens, following best practices such as responsive (mobile first) design and Single Page App.
    • Architected and developed a business logic layer that handles Medtronic's complex rules and workflows.
    • Customized the CMS's document management system to work with this new logic.
    • Created custom interactive reports to give customers and managers more visibility into the status of pending issues & requests.
  • Notifications System

    • Developed a system of scheduled backend processes to notify users of the app when certain milestones occur.
  • Mobile R&D

    • Prototyped a native mobile app with a subset of the functionality of the web app, to showcase for the client some of the potential benefits. The prototype was built with React Native and can run on both Android & IOS.

Technical Info Web API (REST)Test-Driven DevelopmentAgileN-Tier architectureJavascript (React and Angular.js)React NativeMicrosoft SQL ServerResponsive (Mobile-First) DesignSASS (Bootstrap)WebPackDeployment AutomationSitefinityNode.jsSingle Page Application