IHS Markit

Equities Research & Trading Site

Royal Bank of Canada needed to modernize the trading platform used by some of their most elite members.

Their goal was to make trading easier, faster, and more compelling by adding new tools to research and purchase various equities. The equity pricing information needed to be real-time (up to the second).

I worked with IHS Market and RBC on this fun and challenging project.

Major Features

  • Dynamic 3rd-Party Component Integration

    • Helped design and develop a platform to dynamically inject web components into RBC's site. Performance was of the utmost concern, so the framework had a small footprint and loaded assets efficiently.
  • Custom Web Development & Training

    • Worked with the dev teams on implementing best practices for component development in both React and Vue.js
  • Real-Time Data

    • Architected and designed several real-time services consumed on the front end with websockets.
  • Microservices

    • Architected and developed several custom (RESTful) microservices to provide trading and research information from the IHS Markit's cutting-edge financial databases

Technical Info

Node.jsTest-Driven DevelopmentAgileJavascript (React and Vue.js)AWS Serverless (Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway)WebPackDeployment Automation (CI/CD)ETL