Mobile Apps

Build native apps that can run on all mobile platforms, including IOS, Android & Windows...

While having a mobile-optimized web presence is often sufficient, many businesses still need to publish mobile apps in the Google and Apple app stores. From automating promotions through push notifications to using device functionality such as the camera or calendar, the reasons for needing a mobile app are many.

From an engineering perspective, the biggest challenge to building mobile apps is the cost associated with development and maintenance. Developers must write Android apps in Java and IOS apps in Objective-C (or Swift). Because of this, teams have to work with two separate and unrelated codebases for any new features or bug fixes.

However, by using hybrid frameworks such as React Native or Ionic, developers can now write one app capable of running on multiple mobile platforms. Also, because these technologies are web-based (javascript and HTML), the same skills needed for web can be leveraged for mobile.

Using the hybrid approach, we have helped many companies with their mobile needs. As part of our process, and based on our client's needs, we employ a range of modern, industry-standard mobile development technologies, techniques and best practices:

  • Lightweight & Compact

    • Making your code as small and possible through compression, improving app download times and security.
    • Avoiding performance snags, such as draining the phone's battery or using too much memory.
  • Local Caching

    • Storing some data locally improves performance and adds offline capabilities.
  • Modular Components

    • Building some components to be reusable in other native mobile apps.
    • Improves developer productivity and UI Consistency.
  • Custom Plugins

    • Building platform-specific plugins that add functionality without having to worry about platform specifics.
  • Profiling

    • Using tools to profile device resource usage, helping to solve any performance bottlenecks.

Core Frameworks & Technologies

Below is a list of core technologies & frameworks we use for mobile apps.
(We are always flexible, however, and willing to learn new stuff!)