Training & Mentoring

Augment staff with the latest software development skills through guidance...

In the fast-paced world of software development, companies often struggle to provide the training developers need to do their jobs well. Often, developers learn only "enough to be dangerous," meaning that they've achieved a superficial level of knowledge and can seem productive in the initial stages of a project. However, this lack of fundamental knowledge can lead to a regular stream of bugs and churn as the code grows.

At Ronin, we enjoy working with developers hired by our client organizations. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills and do our best to set them up for success in the future.

Rather than conduct formal classes, which we find to be somewhat impractical, we like to take an informal approach to technical education. Below is a list of some of the techniques we use to teach developers new skills:

  • Customized Learning Plans

    • A syllabus complete with online and custom learning materials tailored to the organization and its targeted skill sets.
  • Customized Best Practices Guides

    • Documentation that outlines best practices related to specific areas of software development.
  • Example Prototypes

    • Live documentation through example applications that demonstrate best practices.
  • Whiteboard & Design Sessions

    • Working through architecture and development concepts through collaborative and visual whiteboard diagrams.
  • Paired Programming

    • Putting knowledge into action by working on code side-by-side.
  • Code Reviews

    • Constructively evaluating code to reinforce technical concepts and best practices.

Core Frameworks & Technologies

Below is a list of some of the technologies, technologies and concepts that we specialize in teaching.